Just When I Thought I Had Broken Free

I’ve had a relapse on my addiction, which could only be achieved by a powerful trigger — an episode of Berlin Station. I’m in the middle of it, but I had to say that it is such a pleasure to see Richard on the screen again in something I can actually watch without ducking my head under some covers.


I’m blaming this on Armitage Besotted. Yeah, I’m looking at you, AB, you are cruel! There is so much work I need to get done. There is no time to watch this. Blast! But I’m watching anyway. I’m watching anyway.

Dear Richard:

You hear that?! I’m watching this blasted thing anyway. And why? It should be easy to guess. I’m still addicted to watching you perform. And my curiosity about your “new and improved” accent also got the best of me. By the way, so far, so good.

Gone to droolcritique your performance,
Your crazy fan