What Can I Say? Seriously

Yes, I’m just full of questions today and ironically, I’ve been full of questions since the getgo of my Richard Armitage insanity. What is it about this guy that gets to all of us? Okay, some of you he doesn’t get to. Of course I’m not talking to you. Feel free to listen in (or look) as you might learn something, but having said that, I am wondering, “What is wrong with you?!” No, don’t answer that. It will keep us here too long. Send me an email if you’re really in earnest about Richard Armitage not moving you in any way.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, I was looking at this:

RichardArmitageinStaged 1999 DDenison work

This is a scene from Staged, written and produced by Darren Denison but never shown (“widely”). If you want more information on it, check out his Facebook page, and be sure to check out his interview at RichardArmitageNet.com

Yeah, it’s the eyes, and the head, and what’s in the head. He has a purity about him that makes no sense given his profession and experiences. But is he beautiful or what? Someone did an eyelash study but not a really serious one. We need a serious study done. I am not being snarky. Where are the analychicks with an examination of those lashes in action? (yep, I made up another word. :D Wait. Do I need to hyphenate?)

So when are we going to get more than this Staged Clip? (sorry, embed isn’t allowed). I know that’s the question.

Yeah, he doesn’t seem so pure in this, but when did that ever stop any of us from thinking it? I still believe Guy of Gisborne was just put upon. ;-)

I have other thoughts that I will leave for today since my jaundiced eye is trying to kick in about Denison. All I will say is it gives new meaning to found footage, and begs a question: what else is out there that we don’t know about? :D

edit: I have a feeling I’m going to get my hand slapped.