Zombie Apocalypse Overcomes Regional Restrictions, Or I Want My TV Now!

A pivotal event is about to happen, and it comes none too soon. In fact, it’s several years late, but I’ll take it and hopefully it will lead to some relief of the frustration I vented earlier about the slow distribution of shows to other countries than their origin, and how this facilitated piracy, but it didn’t have to be that way. The Walking Dead wil be making global distribution of the new season within 24 hours of its release in the U.S.

“The Walking Dead” wakes up and fights piracy by releasing global versions earlier

jason-profileBy Jason Lynch

Jason Lynch is the former television editor at People magazine.

In the coming days, zombies are going to take over the world. Again.

On Sunday, the horror series The Walking Dead kicks off its fourth season on AMC, and its premiere episode is packed with stomach-churning gore, nail-biting suspense and of course, zombies galore. It’s a brutal, bloody show that is seemingly not for everyone—except that everyone seems to be watching. In March, the third season finale drew its largest audience ever, with 12.4 million viewers tuning in, and if the show’s viewing trends continue, Sunday’s ratings should be even higher.

But US audiences won’t be the only ones getting their zombie fix. Within 24 hours of its US premiere, international viewers in more than 125 different countries will be able to watch as well... read the rest here

Yippee! No, I’m not a watcher of The Walking Dead, but this is huge! May other producers be so overcome that they follow suit like lemmings. Are you hearing this, BBC?

Some of you may be thinking, “What’s the big deal? For years we’ve been watching shows from other countries shortly after their release.” Yeah, I know, but you weren’t accessing them through legal means, and if you were, it was usually with quite a delay in watching, and many shows were not dubbed into other languages. So this is new, and more important a sign that the networks are waking up to the fact that not only do viewers not want to wait for their tv, but they won’t!*

*Last year a new show called Touch had a simultaneous global release, so The Walking Dead is not breaking entirely new ground but rather will receive more attention for this phenomenon, and that’s a good thing!

Note: I’m debating about putting the Richard Armitage tag on this one. I’m not entirely sure that he’s going back to tv, but he’s the one who got me interested in watching tv again, and I have wondered why HBO Game of Thrones is following me when I have never written about that show. Interesting. Yeah, this is getting the tag. :D

On a related note: if you’re smart, and I assume all of you who read this blog are smart :D, and you like to invest in the stock market, I hope you are doing research on the revolution about to happen with Google TV and Apple TV. Many of you folks in Kansas City know what I’m talkin’ about.

Okay, I feel another tangent coming on, so I’ll stop that line of thought.

Tangent — No More Mushrooms

The days of the masses being in the dark about what is available for television viewing are almost gone in developed countries and maybe in some developing countries also. Well, only if you have a computer or know someone who does. But in the recent past, it was very frustrating to watch shows from other countries on a timely basis. There’s no question if I had relied solely on the television networks in the U.S., I still would not have seen North and South, would have been very difficult to watch Robin Hood or Vicar of Dibley, and certainly difficult to get caught up on Spooks before RA was involved.

It will be interesting to see just how long it does take for some of these shows to reach the U.S. Yeah, I know some of them have, but if you blink, you’ll miss them, and no thanks to BBCA, which is a dog of a station and pretty much considered a joke in the U.S. Why should I pay for almost 24/7 viewing of Cash in the Attic?

I wish the networks would get on the stick or they’re just going to lose more viewers, and oh, they have! However I have a niggling feeling that some of them won’t get on the stick but will instead try to limit the market by seeking government regulation in order to thwart access to such things as BitTorent. Aren’t the cable companies already trying to thwart it? Oh, you’re not sure? Some of you cannot get easy access to BitTorrent because your cable companies make the downloading process excruciatingly slow, and you just thought it was your system. Don’t worry. If they keep that up, they’re just asking for someone to come up with a workaround. LOL!

None of this is to say I’m for ‘Net Neutrality,’ which would be the government owning the backbone of the Net. Please God don’t let that happen! No, there does not need to be one entity in control or the cries really will fall on almost deaf ears.

At least with the current system in the U.S. one network might try to get the jump on the others and offer something the others don’t. YEA! for competition. And as much as I’m ranting here, some of the networks are trying to make progress. It’s just not quickly enough to suit me.

Hope to see many more blog pieces in the future like this one from Australia:

How fast is fast-tracked?

aturner | September 23, 2010

The networks continue to “rush” our favourite US shows to air in Australia.
With the rise of the internet, it’s become harder for local TV networks to treat us like idiots and pretend that old shows are new shows. It’s also become easier for people to download their favourite US and UK shows within hours of them going to air, rather than waiting for local networks to get around to screening them.

As more and more viewers turn to the BitTorrent channel, Australian networks have come up with terms such as “fast-tracked” to convince us that we’re seeing foreign shows as soon as possible. Rather than waiting months or even years for new shows, now it’s more like days or weeks. Unfortunately the networks struggle to deliver on such promises.

Read the rest here.

Don’t those people from “Big Bang Theory” look like they’re having fun? I guess you wouldn’t know if they really are if you’ve never seen it. Heh.