Christchurch — More Than Their Share of Trouble

In the middle of typing a post about the charities Richard Armitage supports, charity in general, and how things are too often forgotten after an event has passed, this news popped up in my browser:

Violent’ 5.8 quake in Christchurch

There has been a large earthquake in Christchurch this afternoon. The quake was described as “violent” by Herald reporter Jarrod Booker who was in his home when the quake hit.

It was quickly followed by at least four strong aftershocks. Geonet said the quake measured 5.8 on the Richter Scale, at a depth of just 8km. It struck just off the coast of Christchurch, under Pegasus Bay, at 1.58pm.

There have been several strong aftershocks following the initial quake.

Damage from the quake is unknown, but it was felt as far away as Mosgiel near Dunedin.

Christchurch International Airport is being evacuated.

Newstalk ZB said police are reporting one person injured, but they expect more.

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After you’re done reading that article, consider giving to those people who have been hit hard three times this year. There is the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and the Red Cross, and those are just for starters.