A Word or Two About Comments and Spam

There has only been one comment policy on this site — comments must not stray into attacking others, and yes, I’m the one who gets to decide what’s an attack. So far I’ve never had to block anyone because of this rule. Maybe admonish a little when someone was straying into it but not outright block someone, and I hope I never do.

That aside, I’ve blocked all sorts of spam. Too much to even consider. Just know it’s in the hundreds of thousands. And therein lies a problem some of the time. Legitimate commenters occasionally get caught in spam because the Akismet program which filters spam on WordPress.com sometimes gets overzealous. Nothing against this program. It works great except when it doesn’t, which isn’t very often. But it happened the other day when it put a longtime poster’s comment in spam. Thankfully, she sent me a message to let me know she was unable to comment at my site. I searched spam, and voila, there were her comments.

If this ever happens to you, and you’re not a spambot :D, please let me know. I want everyone who wants to comment or discuss to be able to do so.

FYI: I can be reached on Twitter or by email and yes, by Facebook although I have FB notifications turned off, so I may not quickly reply there.