Tangent — Wake up, People

Are you a voter in the U.S.? Please watch this video:

We are all in jeopardy of a dangerous precedent being set with this type of government control, and it doesn’t even do what’s intended. So what control will they take next to try to ensure that it does? And the only ones who really are affected are the honest people. Haven’t we lost enough already in the interest of preserving order? If you still do not understand what kind of power will be ceded to our government, then we need to talk.

If you are already convinced this is a dangerous bill, but you don’t know what to do about it, call or send an email to your representatives, and you can also sign a petition. I signed this one.

Here’s a little more about the urgency of the situation:

Call Congress Today And Let Them Know (Again) That You Are Against SOPA
from the they-don’t-seem-to-be-getting-the-message dept

Rep. Lamar Smith is getting ready to cement his legacy as passing the first bill to create a permanent “black list” of censored websites in the US… and most of Congress still doesn’t understand that the American public is vehemently coming out against this bill. It’s very, very likely that Smith will get the Judiciary Committee to approve the bill tomorrow, at which point it could go to a full vote on the floor at any time. Yes, a bunch of the members of the Judiciary Committee plan to vote to censor the internet tomorrow, and they still don’t believe the public cares about this.

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Whether you’re conservative or liberal, we’re going to lose something here, and as usual, it will be in the name of protection.