Hurrah for HD

I sense this may be an ongoing series. As I look at old fanvideos (all the way back to 2006 *smirk*), it’s obvious how much the quality of clips has changed, and thankfully some old clips can be improved.

This below is from 12 years ago, and yet Ali at has been so kind to put it in HD — as much as an old show like this will allow HD.

All of that geek talk aside, what I really love about this clip is his voice and in particular his use of the name Lara. I know a Laura (yes, different spelling) who’s a fan, and she would get a kick out of hearing her name coming out of his mouth. Would probably love a ringtone as well.

If that particular Laura is reading: you need to post more on your blog!!!!!

To all the other Lauras, Laras, Loras, enjoy.

And no, I’m not going to mention the hair. Pretend I didn’t say this because I really don’t want to talk about the hair. I would rather forget it, and I’ll bet he would too :D

Psst: I do have a ringtone with my name. I used it once, and SO lifted an eyebrow. LOL!