This is Huge!!!

I just read at TORn that Disney is acquiring Middle Earth Enterprises. Someone pinch me because I can’t knock this grin off my face. Do you know what this means?!! Yeah, lots of lovely films for Peter Jackson and the Tolkien stories. All of you people who have been pushing for such things as the Silmarillion to be filmed or included in Jackson’s offerings (waves hand vigorously as part of that crowd), I think we all just died and went to heaven. No more legal wrangling holding things up!! Parties successfully taking Disney to court? Not happening.

And now Return to Middle Earth will be released in 2016? Man, I am high. Seriously, and I have to say something to our man, Peter Jackson.


Sir Peter,

No need to wear those glasses. I dig you the way you are, baby, and the critics be damned. Just stay on good terms with Philippa at the new company.

I guess if she wants you to wear glasses, then do it! Phew! you should be able to do anything you want!!!

One of Richard’s crazy fans A Ringer!

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