I Knew I Liked You, Rich

Okay, I admit my last post title was blah, so I thought I would soup it up for this one. Yeah, this one isn’t that great either, but hey, I’m just now jumping into blogging again. I need some time.

No two photos have ever made me like Richard Armitage more than these two. I knew he had a BS detector, and these scream confirmation. And yes, I’m a dog person too. I guess that was obvious. :D


If I were really brave, I would add captions. I’m off to run an errand, and somewhere between now and when I return, I may gain more of a spine.

Oh, and for the record, I have not been through nine kinds of hell. Seven maybe but not nine.

Should I even put a link to the interview? Surely anyone reading this blog has read that thing and then some.

For posterity.