Dragon*Con Awaits

[Click on the Dragon*Con logo to access TORn’s GoFundMe page. It’s an easy and safe way to donate.]

Before all of you think I’ve gone off the deep end, I have to tell you I enjoy the bunch at TORn and have a special fondness for MrCere (aka Larry Curtis). :D So yeah, if I can help Larry and the others out, I will.

Here’s the scoop from the TORn staff:

TheOneRing.net thought it would be fun to send a group of staffers on a cross-country road trip (see the map) from Los Angeles, California to Atlanta, Georgia meeting fans along the way, supporting the official Tolkien track while we are there, and delivering a series of Hobbit panels at DRAGON*CON 2012. Then we want to make a short documentary film of the entire experience to share free online! The entire trip will be live streamed so the “company of drivers” can interact with fans 24 hours a day. With gas (or petrol) prices reaching new heights, we need your help to make this a success!

Dare I say the route looks like a ring? LOL! Ought to be interesting to watch. I know I will be.

Even if some of you don’t get to watch this adventure, the TORn staff has been so good to bring us news about ‘The Hobbit’ and our guy, Richard, and they’re going to continue. That’s right. Richard’s days on ‘The Hobbit’ set are not done! And Larry may have some more reports to make. I can spare him a few dollars. I hope you can too. Anything as little as $1 or as great as, well, you call it. Maybe one of you wants to sponsor next year’s trip. Yeah, I like to think big. :D