Have You Read Matt Yet?

Hmmm, two pieces in a row with a question in the title. I need more coffee. That little bean is the source of about half my clever thoughts. The other half is from reading people who take me on a journey and make me consider or reconsider. One of them is Matt. Originally, I read his blog to hear his thoughts about music, and I’ve stayed to learn much more. Over the two years I’ve been reading, Matthew has been evolving as a writer and thinker, and usually posts something fascinating. The piece today highlights beautiful explanations, and is the perfect piece for me to bring to your attention since I often think of Matt’s blog pieces with that description.

Hope you check him out. And believe it or not, most of my favorite websites have nothing to do with Richard Armitage although I would imagine he would like Matt too.

Note: never saw Matt before I started reading his blog. Just giving credit where it’s due. :D

A Thought to Close the Year

I was just reading a story at TheOneRing about an unreported act of kindness. “MrCere”, the author of the piece, was so moved by what he was made privy to on his trip to New Zealand to cover ‘The Hobbit’, that his urge to somehow capture it for posterity seemed barely contained. Mostly the piece was about the effect the revelation of the kindness had on him. It was ineffably sweet, and I was relieved he refrained from giving many particulars. The kindness needs no unveiling in order for it to edify. It’s enough to know that it happened. Besides, kindness always was best done intimately.

Happy New Year to everyone.