#9 Email Correspondence

This is part of my series of posts counting down to and through the Thanksgiving holidays and expressing my thankfulness for something I’ve received, experienced or participated in.


Email is still such a wonder despite its existence to the general public for more than a couple of decades. I Know I have never gotten over the thrill of being able to converse with anyone from anywhere. And may I never. It is such a joy to be the recipient of someone sharing their thoughts and their feelings and their experiences. If there is one thing I could pinpoint as the most rewarding in being a blogger, it would be that correspondence.

I knew on some level this dynamic occurred with bloggers, but I don’t think it was more than a fleeting thought to me until I started blogging and received notes. This morning I got a note from someone who is a kindred spirit, and this happens quite frequently and is probably the most encouraging aspect of blogging. Not so much to continue blogging but to know that the initial decision I made to publish my thoughts about the madness of being a fan was a good one. Good in that it’s facilitated so many fulfilling relationships for me personally. I can never express my thanks enough for knowing all of you. It’s also good to know I’m not really insane. Unless of course we’re all insane. LOL!

And certainly there are people who send me notes which are criticisms, and I also consider those beneficial. It doesn’t matter what’s said, I love to hear from people. (Gee, I’m sounding like an extravert. :D) And maybe there are criticisms I need to hear. It’s a hard thing for anyone to take criticism, but I’m learning to listen more and more no matter if I initially like what’s being said or not. I do think about what someone takes the time to tell me personally.

The only thing that’s a real pain is all the junk mail. Currently, I have 22,000+ unread notes in the rafrenzy mailbox, and I’m fairly certain most of it is junk. Yep, you read that right. Yes, it’s embarrassing, but hey, I’ve been a little busy the last year. Yes, I’m steadily cleaning it all away!

And occasionally, I miss some personal notes in all that junk, and I did recently. I received a note from someone earlier in the month, and this person had emailed me almost a year and a half ago as well, but I didn’t see that one either. I was mortified when I realized I had ignored not one but two notes from this person — or at least that must be what they’re thinking.

To this reader, if you’re still there: I did not ignore you! I was asleep at the wheel. Reply coming!

I’m going to use this experience as a spur to finish cleaning that mail backlog, because who knows what other lovely notes I may find! :D

And for those who may be interested, most of the personal correspondence I engage in has nothing to do with people being upset by another. And I’m thankful for that being the case.

note: email is actually passe’ to the younger generation, and there is talk that email as we know it may go away one day soon. But until it does, I plan to enjoy it to the fullest.