There’s Hope for the Rest of Us

Eminem turned 40 today. Yeah, can you believe it? The angsty rapper (is that a redundant description?), whose cutting edge honesty has enraged and endeared, has officially breached the ranks of the middle-aged. And he just thought he had something to bitch about. Wait ’til he hits 50. Or will he be more mellow in his 40s? I hope he keeps up the anger — at least for entertainment purposes. It makes complaining fashionable for the rest of us, and I find I have some more to wax on about. Nope, not going out with a whimper. :D

By the way, this middle-aged person does like Eminem’s work. Maybe not all of his work, but I don’t like all the work from any artist.

Here are two I especially like and please note there is some foul language:

There are several others that are little gems. Check out more of them in the great write-up by The Detroit News Blog, and some of these are also pretty raw, so enter at your own risk.

The only Richard Armitage connection is that I do wonder what he thinks of artists like this. Can someone like Coldplay, Mahler and Eminem? Yes! I do. But the real question is how many of us are there?