Hold Up!

I was preparing my next post about Richard Armitage, and I stumbled on this:

You don’t like Katy Perry? So what. This is a better version.

His name is Alejandro Manzano, and he’s a member of the group Boyce Avenue with his two brothers Daniel and Fabian.

They started posting covers on YouTube in 2006, and Alejandro’s voice makes these songs his which is amazing when I consider such artists as Adele are so distinctive:

Be sure to check out their cover of “Someone Like You”.

Maroon 5:

Tiffany’s no slouch herself.

There are so many more covers that sound as good and often better than the originals. Too many to highlight. For more, see their YouTube Channel.

They also have original songs:

And they will be on tour this year. March in the U.S and June in the U.K. Specific dates here (scroll down to see them).