Tangent — Social Engineering Gone Awry? or “Mom, Jennifer’s Sweat Pants Don’t Fit Anymore”

I just read this piece:

NYC school calls thin school girl fat. Authorities must re-think ‘fat-shaming’ campaign.

By Rhodi Lee, Tech Times | May 26, 9:36 PM


America has an obesity problem and something should be done about this but calling thin girls as fat isn’t exactly a good idea.

The mother of nine-year-old Gwendolyn Williams said that her daughter became conscious of herself after learning that the fitnessgram, the fitness report from the New York City Department of Education’s annual fitness assessment program, has labeled her as overweight.

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The message of this article’s lead implies only thin girls should not be subjected to fat shaming. Everyone else is fair game. I can’t help but wonder why it was not made clear that fat shaming of anyone is unacceptable for school authorities to engage in even indirectly.

Couldn’t this facilitate a culture that makes it easy for school authorities to find overweight students lacking? Not to mention how it could give a blessing for peers to ridicule?