Tangent — I Love Capitalism

EDIT: If you landed here while in search of an image for “cooked turkey,” AND you like period dramas with good looking Englishmen, then hang around. You can find out here who is in the banner photo. His name is Richard Armitage if you prefer to look him up elsewhere.

I realize that statement about capitalism may be offensive to some, but I’m not saying I love capitalism running amok. There is nothing I love that runs amok much as it may seem by this blog’s premise and demeanor. I love it when someone knows how to take lemons and make lemonade and capitalism often facilitates that. What’s a laugh is when that lemonade is tantamount to giving the finger to someone who needs it. Do I need to explain “the finger” to the foreign readers? I didn’t think so. Perhaps it’s universal, no?

I hope I can endeavor to make lots of lemonade since there are lots of lemons in my life, and I suspect in yours as well. Yes, shit happens, and how well we deal with it is directly proportional to how well we live. Enough of that waxing philosophical, and no, I don’t mean I’m looking for ways to give anyone the finger. To date I have never done that. Seriously, I have never physically done it although I’ve thought about it. Just could never bring myself to do it. If I keep going, I will bore myself, so without further ado, here is what has me laughing and loving it:

Not sure what it is? Well, if you’re an American or you’re coming to visit America, you might want to become familiar.

On a serious note, I’m hacked about the new TSA rules. It’s disturbing what we’re willing to give up. What will next be required of us to maintain our safety?

And these scanners are not even close to foolproof. There will end up being so many exemptions for flyers, that it will be completely pointless except to perhaps let some TSA employees get their jollies. Key word there is some as I know there are TSA employees uncomfortable with the new rules.

If you want more information about that red object, you can check it out here since I’m really trying to keep this site “safe for work”. If you’re squeamish about nudity or near nudity, don’t look. Surely anyone reading this blog is not squeamish about nudity, but if so, you still might want to check it out as that little red object might become your friend.

Oh, and I did tag this post ‘bullshit’. Not because I’m peddling any today, but I think the TSA rules really are bullshit. Well, that and I’m not really sure the pasties are legit. And there will be no tags about you know who or even the mention of his name since this is a bonafide tangent! In lieu of his picture, I bring a turkey:


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans and anyone else who may want to celebrate!