Being a Pseudonym

February 9, 2014

It’s interesting being a pseudonym because no matter what, you’re still you.

With respect to RAFrenzy, this is me, and yes, I’ve toyed with being the “other me,” but then I am the other me when I’m here. What you see is what you get. There is no difference (a rose by any other name…;-)

If I ever thought there was a difference, my friends who knew me before I started this place have disabused me of that notion by laughing when they’ve read this blog and said, “That is so you.”

And what do they mean by that? I take very little seriously, and myself most of all. Oh, sure I take some things seriously about life and myself, but it’s my belief that way too much is made out of most things. Have I lapsed into being pompous and taken myself way too seriously on occasion? Oh yeah. I’m human aren’t I? Last time I checked I was, but I try to remember I’m not God and don’t make perfect choices.

I do try to correct my poor choices as quickly as I can, and one way is to laugh at myself. If I can do that, I can laugh in general. And laughter really is good medicine.

Please notice I don’t mean ridicule — the laughter designed to create pain. Granted, there is sometimes a thin line between ridicule and just the joy of laughing, and when it is crossed, there is usually misery. But happy people do not want to create misery. Maybe put out some snark sometimes when they see something that is just utter bullshit (as opposed to regular bullshit)? You bet. But to try to do harm to someone? No, that’s what miserable people do.

And if I don’t know anything else about this RAFrenzy thing, I do know one thing — I am not here to be miserable. :D

No picture with this post. I’m too lazy this morning to find one that would fit, and dare I say, I’m on my way to church. Yeah, I know that bugs some of you, but oh well. I can’t be someone I’m not, and I do believe in God (a very specific one at that), and He loves me bad language and all.

Maybe after I’ve heard a lesson this morning, my mind will be more clear and I can select a good pic.

Drawing Conclusions

No, this post isn’t what you think it is. I’m taking a breather for a couple of hours because my brain is on overload. Again, this is not what you think. My brain is not having a meltdown due to the monsoon of Richard Armitage information yesterday. Oh, perhaps I could have a meltdown over that, but well, I’m not. I’ve been expecting that flood. I thought it would come more near the first of November, but what do I know?! LOL!

So here’s what this post is really about. I’ve been coming to the conclusion for a good while that there is entirely too much to write about. I can’t get to all of it. When I started this blog, I was wondering if I would be able to crank out enough writing. Now? I’ve branched into others things and can’t seem to stop! It’s stunning to me what I’ve been doing the last few years. Me, the person who swore up and down I would never write anything unless I was forced to do it, writing and writing and writing and getting high on that! One of these days, I may post a story I’ve written. That will be another major step for me. Phew! I want to laugh that I am actually writing ficiton and enjoying it. Who woulda thunk?

If you’re thinking about writing, but you think it’s too late for you or you’re not a writer because you have this lofty and dare I say ridiculous standard of what a writer is supposed to be, let it go and start writing! You’ve heard people say this, and I’m joining the chorus. Don’t wait. Don’t leave writing to those individuals who supposedly have some gift that’s been granted to a chosen few. That’s all bull. You’ve got something to say. So say it. It may not come out exactly how you want it when you begin. Keep at it!

Not sure how to start? Well, you could write a journal. Or maybe you did that, and now it’s gotten old ’cause you need input. Maybe you can start a blog and if you’re really concerned about looking like a fool, make yourself anonymous. There’s an idea. :D

Yeah, this is getting the Richard Armitage tag ’cause Richard has been a kind of impetus, and I don’t mean of the sexual kind but of something much greater. Thank you, Rich.

© Photograph by Martin Bangemann