Where Were You?

Dear Richard,

It hasn’t escaped my notice that these messages are like events which become fixtures in time usually throwing my mundane life into sharp relief such as “I was munching popcorn and watching Monday Night Football when news of Lennon’s death…” Okay, so my example is morbid. What do you expect in the middle of the night? By the way, I was wiping the mouth of a puking child when the message came, and now I’m going back to bed and maybe sleep late tomorrow, er, later today.

One of your bleary eyed fans who has a grin on her face

P.S. The message was lovely, and I may actually break down and request an autographed picture from you. Yes, so easy to say at this time of night.

If you haven’t seen it, the message is on RichardArmitagetOnline.Com, and give Annette some love for being so consistent in relaying messages.