Having a Moment Over Here (or I’ll Have What She’s Having)

Richard Armitage has engendered all sorts of feelings, and many fans have spilled a lot of ink, as it were, over the phenomenon of these visceral reactions he provokes in us. May I say sincerely that the eloquence of some of you has moved me to the point of tears at times. I’m not kidding when I say that. Some of you have captured the feelings so well! But I love how this word sums it up.

Certainly, there are nostrilgasms and femurgasms and lots of other gasms going on, but they all lead to the Big One. :D

Some of you are thinking I’m nuts right now. You have read the “About” page of this blog haven’t you? Then you shouldn’t be surprised by this.

Back to business. I’ve been planning this post for almost two years and was going to sit on it a little longer, but I witnessed another Armigasm today, and I had to say something. Oh, you still don’t know what that is? Well, it’s when a fan is so overcome by thoughts of Richard, that they gush. I mean they gush and gush and gush and they can’t stop and don’t care who is nearby and they feel good when they’re done but also a little vulnerable. Totally natural.

I witnessed a few more of these later in the day, but hey, that’s all part and parcel of being a Richard Armitage fan. :D

And I hope everyone is lightened up about this and gets a chuckle out of the word that’s now in the lexicon.

My friend Pam at Meryton.com’s forum which is known as A Happy Assembly (or Aha. Indeed :D), gets the honors for coining Armigasm. And to get in on the hotbed of activity with all those Austen fans and maybe join the Order of the Cotton Drawers, you have to register over there.

note: I would link to the blogger whose writing prompted this post, but I’m not entirely sure she’s ready for that. She may need a day or two to recover. LOL!