When God Gives You a Kiss

The Hobbit Fan Event

This post is in no way meant to be sacrilegious, but honestly, some things work out so perfectly, you just know God was involved in it.

TheQueen was planning to visit her friend in upstate New York this week, when she learned of the Twitter contest for tickets to the fan event. Almost literally on the way out the door to catch her plane, she tweeted why she wanted to go to the fan event, and when she was in the midst of traveling, she received an email informing her she had won. Not only had she won but won very special guest passes. At least that’s what it sounded like to me when she described it. No waiting in line for her and the friend because she gets to go right in and meet with Warner Bros. PR. So if you see two ladies getting there late but moving right on in the door, don’t throw anything at them. They can’t help it that they’re VIPs. ;-)

And it could not have happened to nicer people. TheQueen and her friend, Heartfelt4-1, who some of you may recognize as a prominent fan fiction writer in the fandom, will be elegant and cool headed and just generally teach the proper decorum when seeing Richard in person. Other than that, I hope they go nuts and take lots of photos!!