Tangent — ‘Bully’ Will Do Well with ‘R’

Maybe my part of the world is way ahead of the rest. Somehow I doubt that. I live in podunk. The closest shopping mall is at least three hours away. However, there is a fairly sophisticated resort about 15 minutes down the road, but I’m thinking more of the ranch town 15 minutes in the other direction. At the local theater there, kids are routinely allowed to watch ‘R’ rated movies. In fact, most of the kids I know (middle school age and up) do not want to attend ‘G’ rated movies or even PG-13 for that matter. Are you kidding me?! They want to go to the ‘R’ stuff and they do! And then there’s the very large city I moved from which has many theaters that allow children underage to attend ‘R’ rated movies.

The ‘R’ rating is almost a joke anymore. Is there a movie theater owner out there who really enforces this consistently? Where are they? They are so out of step with the majority who don’t give a rat’s ass, and kids love knowing they’re going to “adult” movies and most of their parents let them. So as far as I can tell, the MPAA has done the producers of ‘Bully’ a big, fat favor. Plus, being bullied by the MPAA and all. :D Makes for good press.

Color me jaded.

No, I haven’t seen the move — yet.