I’ve Got It! And In Time for the Holidays!

Have you felt like Ralphie lately:

Ralphie Christmas Story

trying to figure out what the hell this means:

Sarah Dunn Photo Shoot 2013

Have you been wondering if that was RA’s Three Stooges impression, or was he trying to tell us something? And if he was trying to tell us something, what was it?! What?!

Wonder no more. The other night I was drunk so tired my mind relaxed enough that it came to me, and now I bring you this translation as a public service:

1st part
1. Two parts Grey Goose — it’s smooth but has a kick.

2nd part
2. One part Licor Bellota, which is made from acorns. No, I’m not kidding; trust me.

3rd part
3. Two more parts Grey Goose. Yeah, I know, it sounds nuts, er, crazy, but hey, the Bellota is non-alcoholic.

4th part
4. One part heavy cream on top, and while I’m thinking about it, perhaps a dash of Ovaltine. Oh hell, you decide.

Maybe I should have said this first, but an old fashioned glass is perfect, so crawl up to the top shelf where you keep them. Damn, why do you keep them so far out of reach?

SarahDunn -01 2013

And you’ll love me when you end up with a nice cocktail:

Thorin Cocktail

It’s called the Thorin Grin:

Thorin Grin

Damn right even that grump Thorin would be grinning after drinking this, and when you drink it, not only will you grin, but you can do this without riding in a barrel or even leaving your seat.