Finally Did It

From the time I started this blog, I’ve been talking to my friends about something else I had in mind, and I’ve finally started it. It’s a new blog. Yeah, I am a glutton for punishment it seems, and no, this blog is not going away. For a long, long time I’ve wrestled with what to do about this place, and it occurred to me that I had given myself the untenable position of choosing between this blog or the other one. The other day it hit that God had not come down from on high and told me I had to have one or the other. So I’m keeping them both. Richard Armitage is too much fun to talk about to stop now. How long I can manage this I don’t know, but I have SO‘s support. This is key.

For those who are wondering about my loose ends here, I will get to all of them, and most notably to some of you that I have more to say about my conversation with Todd Garner and my Comic-con experience. No worries! I will share it and soon. Until then, I hope you will forgive my distraction.

So where is this new blog? I’m so glad you asked. :D It’s over here.