Tangent — A Poke in the Eye

Before I stop teasing all of you and get on with my posts about the lovely Richard Armitage, I have to get this out of my system.

Lady Gaga is pitiful. I have now lived long enough to see Britney Spears become appalled at someone’s behavior. Lady Gaga, who was no lady the night of the MTV Video Music Awards, apparently wanted a redux of Britney’s sensational embrace with Madonna, and Britney was horrified. ROFLOL!!!! Yes, the computer really did fall off my lap from laughing. Er, me not the computer. Actually, I think the computer chuckled a little too.

Can you imagine what it would be like for Britney Spears to look at you suspiciously and think, “Ewww.” Yeah, I’d say Gaga has reached a new low. But really how long can people keep up an act when it’s 40% musical ability and 60% sensationalism? It didn’t work for Bette Middler, who had to morph into a serious singer, it appears to be on the wane for Britney, and Madonna… I’m not sure exactly what to say about Madonna except that after almost 30 years of being on the music scene, she is amazing in her ability to sustain, but at what cost? She’s pitiful too, and if I never thought it before, I certainly did when I saw this video a couple of years ago:

The boys in that are young enough to be her kids and maybe her grandkids. But Madonna was always a cougar in the making, and why I’m surprised by any of this I don’t know. I’m not really, but it’s sad to watch that video. When she was younger, I saw the angst, and I appreciated it. But now? I really am sad ’cause I know Madonna is not stupid. But she’s let her need for continual self-promotion render her silly looking, and if that’s not what happened to Gaga on Sunday night, then I need to invest in a leotard and some fishnets.

See the rest of the photos here.

The real shame is Lady Gaga has a good voice. Let’s hope it eventually eclipses all of this bullshit. Sorry I couldn’t come up with a descriptive word easier on the ears; that’s the best one.

Oh, Richard take me away!