Richard, I’m Available for Technical Assistance ;-)

Yes, I really said that. LOL!

I was just listening to Dave Andrews’ show on BBC Leicester, and he read Richard Armitage’s email informing Dave that he couldn’t make it on the show. He had wifi but couldn’t make a call.

Richard, Richard, Richard,

It’s called Skype or Google phone or any number of other VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone services. ;-)

Man, if you need help with this, I’m your girl. We can get around those pesky federal regulations. ;-) ;-)

One of your crazy fans who loves to give technical support.

Fat chance I’ll ever get to do that, but hey, what the heck? I never thought I would be blogging successfully for almost three years, and here I am.


I need to clear something up! VOIP is not allowed on a plane. That was why I put the wink at the end of the line. I’m sorry if that caused some confusion. I was teasing! Please don’t try to do that with an airline that provides wifi! LOL! Ahem.

The good news is this may be a reality in the future. But it’s not today — at least not in the U.S. However, look what I found. I knew about the CEO being escorted off a plane for using VOIP, but I didn’t know that Virgin Airlines is now allowing these calls. Interesting. I guess Richard Armitage wasn’t flying on Virgin. :D

edit: an update on the FAA relaxing the rules but still can’t make calls. Bummer