Richard Armitage on Politics and What Does It Mean?

No, not that Richard Armitage but our Richard Armitage.

Oh, I can feel the ripples rippling. :D

I just came home from being out most of the day and received a bunch of emails asking if I had read his interview in New York Moves and what I think of it. I hadn’t read it but went over to look at it and have just now finished.

It doesn’t matter what I think of it in terms of his political views, and I find myself fairly apathetic about what he thinks politically. Much of that is predicated on my becoming more and more apolitical as the years pass. I’ve had several come to Jesus moments which have brought home to my thinking someone who believes Christ is real and His ministry is real and reflected in scripture, is not to be about politics. I’ve said for years that one of the biggest mistakes Christians in America have made was forming political coalitions. All of these realizations have nothing to do with the Constitution and everything to do with Christ’s example.

For the record, I’m not part of any political party or movement and that’s been the case for quite a few years. I do have opinions about political issues from time to time, but if I were to give the definition of my political views, they are pretty much libertarian.

I do have an opinion about Richard Armitage getting political. It sends the message he must be feeling comfortable in his success. When someone makes definitive political statements to the point of criticizing a significant portion of potential movie goers, then it means they are feeling it’s not necessary to have those people patronize their movies. Certainly, there are movie goers who can put aside an actor’s politics, but it’s pretty bold for an actor to count on that happening in great numbers unless they are feeling financially insulated from a negative reaction. So yeah, this says more than anything else Richard has said or done that his pocketbook is doing pretty well.

Other than all of that, I hate the potential for his statements to polarize fans, the potential to create an us and them mentality. In other words there will be some fans who more or less think, “We’re the fans who are cool and agree with Richard, and the rest of you are just not quite with it and don’t see things the right way.” This would be true no matter what political views Richard expressed. Such is the problem with doing this.

My unvarnished thoughts about the interview:

1st thought — Richard was passionate about his beliefs, spoke them and damn the consequences — movie goers or no, good paycheck or no.

2nd thought — a small time fashion reporter in NY is giddy at what she’s achieved when really, Richard’s publicist was on vacation.

3rd thought — He was drunk. LOL!


I still love you and hope you don’t take me or yourself so seriously.

Your crazy fan

P.S. I hope you can say something in future to ensure the fans lighten up.

note: at the time this piece is being published, I have not read any of the fan responses. I have only received email from some fans urging me to read the piece and give an opinion. It will be interesting to see what has happened and will happen.