Just Enjoy Being a Ripple

To my fellow fans,

Maybe it’s just me and a few others, but I do not look to Richard Armitage for affirmation of any kind. No offense to Richard. So when I listen to an interview with him and God forbid the fans are mentioned, I don’t take anything he says personally. I’m simply along for this ride, and I’m enjoying it. But if I start trying to figure out if RA has contempt for some of his fans or all of his fans, well, it’s just too much work. I would rather put that energy into examining the characters he plays.

But I understand that we’re all part of a fandom, and as such that makes us a bit vulnerable. Well look at it this way. Now we know how RA feels being in the spotlight. He’s in the spotlight almost all the time and the Armitage Army (unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) is sometimes too. So we get laughed at sometimes, and if it can make RA laugh, so be it. I think those male interviewers are jealous as hell and the women interviewers are fascinated. But I really don’t think RA means anything mean by his cracks. I think he’s still flabbergasted and doesn’t know what exactly to say, and I refuse to take any of it personally. Rationalizing? Maybe, but I live by that rule most of the time — don’t take things personally (even if they’re sometimes meant that way) — and it keeps me sane and smiling.

I hope all of you have a great day.

Should I post a pic?