Getting Up To Speed on The Hobbit

If you already know all about ‘The Hobbit’ production, then certainly skip this post. But if you want to get up to speed on what’s going on, learn some about the characters and story itself, and maybe have a little fun, then a quick and easy way to do it is watching Rebekah of the Hobbitin5 YouTube Channel, or Hi 5.

Broadcasts are every Friday. This is the most recent:

I have developed a soft spot for Rebekah. Whoever thought to have her do these broadcasts was using his/her head. She is bright and perfect for a novice like me. I actually look forward to watching her! And she inspired me to go over and look around on TheOneRing site. Mulubinba’s posts about Thorin Oakenshield (great stuff by the way) had also piqued my curiosity in the site, but I had still been hesitant to go look as quite frankly my prejudice kept me from it. I thought entering that world would be daunting and just too much work, and my Richard Armitage watching is a respite from my real work, so I certainly didn’t want to pursue anything that felt like work. I was wrong. I’ve enjoyed my time on the site and will continue to read it. I’m also now rereading The Hobbit and will reread the trilogy as well. This is something I never thought to do, but I guess I’m becoming enthralled with Middle Earth, and who knows? I may become a Tolkienologist yet.

Before I forget, be sure to check out Rebekah’s t-shirt from the second broadcast. :D