And Now for Something Legal?

Hopefully an example of what is okay to copy and alter with respect to protected images. Proving that humor almost always works.

Richard Armitage with Cats:

 John Thornton with a Cat
John Thornton (I’m so glad you were willing to take Mother’s place in monitoring the mill; remember no cigarettes) with a cat.

Thorin (I’m usually a blowhard, but I’m really trying to be pleasant even though I’m wondering what in the hell you’re looking at, cat, ’cause you’re not looking at the same thing I’m looking at) with a cat.

Guy (I’m never going to tell you everything I’m thinking but I do dig that waitress in the corner and that’s why I have this shit eating grin on my face) with a cat.

Lucas North (Yes! I’m angsty even if you two don’t understand it! And then one cat says to the other, “He’s right I don’t get it. How can he look like that after eight years of torture in a Russian prison,” and the other cat replies, “I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m going to keep staring at him.”) with a cat, er, two cats.

Mr. Rogers (My mother did make the sweater. It’s 33 years old, in mint condition, and at least cats like it) with three cats.

My favorite. Paul (It was really a cat on my head, okay? It was a cat.) with a cat.

I would have had this piece done sooner, but every time I looked at this last one, I got sick laughing. Doesn’t matter that I’ve seen this thing about a 100 times.

Thank you, thank you whoever started Richard Armitage with Cats. I hope the latest scare about images in the RA fandom doesn’t have you bothered, and it certainly shouldn’t since you squarely fall into parody.