Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod

Oh brother. :D I can’t help snickering a bit at the rippling going on in the RA fandom. All over this picture:


It came from this tweet:

flor tweet for ohmygod rafrenzy

The timing of this is fascinating. I have all kinds of thoughts about that, but I’m working so don’t really have time to wax on about it at present. Just know that this frau is not upset, still likes Richard Armitage, and personally thinks it’s absurd that someone can sit on a park bench with someone and somehow we know their sex life. Wow. None of that is to say that Richard Armitage and Lee Pace are not a couple but merely to say that those whose fascination with Richard is predicated on their fantasies don’t need much to get them going or not going — whichever the case may be. :D

Meanwhile, I keep chuckling at the rippling because you would think the damn world stopped.

On a serious note, I wonder how many fangirls this picture will lose for him and potentially affect what he does. If he hasn’t put all of his hopes on heartthrob, then it should’t be too much of a problem. Glad he’s been getting out of that box. May he continue.


Okay, I have a few more minutes before I really, really have to get back to work!

The body language cracks me up. It seems to say: Yeah, we’re sitting here, f*ckers; make something of it.

second edit:

I have to be done with this in like three minutes when I have a teleconference scheduled.

Cynical Frenz about to weigh in.

If Richard Armitage were really worried about rumors, he wouldn’t be sitting so prominently on a park bench with a well known actor who is likely to be photographed and especially one that he’s often linked to romantically. So, part of me thinks a) he’s in the glass closet, b) he doesn’t give a damn what others think and is tired of the rhetoric, so there take that! or c) (and this is the one I tend to lean toward), hell, look at how much buzz this is going to get on the web. Not so much because of Richard but because of Lee. Sorry I can’t help this, but my bullshit detector is starting to react. No, I haven’t fully thought this out. There may be logical reasons why I’m wrong, but something seems fishy.