Timeout for Scotland

1000px-Flag_of_Scotland.svgSo what will it be? Will the Scottish go it on their own or stay in the fold? I’ve heard some compelling evidence for both ways. My gut says they will not leave the fold as much as they would like to be a people unto themselves. My gut also says that no matter what happens today, the Scottish people will retain their independent spirit making this fight far from over.

And it doesn’t take much to say this when considering their history. They have managed to keep their identity as a people despite the English subduing them with great force, and if I were really honest, I would say underhanded force at times. It’s hard to conclude much else when I think of such events as the Massacre at Glencoe, etc. But I digress.

Whatever happens today, I adore Scotland and the Scottish people and hope only the very best for them.

Note: sorry for my spelling of independence in tags. It was before my morning caffeine fix. ;p