Puddle of Goo or Don’t Tell Me the Moon is Shining…

Wow, so many fan videos and not enough time. I would say that chocolate has been replaced, but I’m not a chocolate lover. Maybe now I know what all of you chocolate lovers get out of it. I know I get a bit of a high watching these things. Is that how it works with chocolate? If so, then I’m sorry I missed out all these years.

Getting inebriated does reduce me to a puddle of goo — inside. On the outside no one would ever know. I’ve managed to keep the addiction tamped down enough that no one knows except all of you. :D

But onto more lofty matters. Why does it reduce me to a puddle of goo? That’s the question I haven’t wanted to answer but have been desperate to answer. I am normally very, very sane. I can give you sane 6 days a week and a double dose on Sunday. Many people who know me actually depend on me being the most sane one in the room. So is it sanity to like fan videos this much? And in particular RA’s fan videos?

Initial rationalization:

The videos appeal to the artist in me. I love all things aesthetic. Truly. So I adore the artistry of the “vidders.” Well, they’re not all equal vidders; some are more equal than others. But even the ones that have the strict norms of aspect ratio fouled up (SNARFU), I love as well. I get it. I get their intent, and even if it’s not their intent, there’s enough there for me to perceive my own. Isn’t that what art is about? Perceiving intent and/or imbuing it with our own? Whatever the case, the intent comes through clear and loud (if no one else is at home with me). I can suspend my normally hyper-sensitive eyes to appreciate that “Guy” or “Lucas” or “John” is on the job — swaggering for my edification. Oh, wait, this was supposed to be a rationalization.

I really do appreciate the artistry of those vidders who have an eye for detail. Chief among those in my mind is someone named Angela. If you have not been around the RA Fandom for very long, you might not know who she is. Hang around for a bit and you’ll find out and will be better for it.

She is an artist. Bold as that statement is, I mean it. I’ve wondered many times what she does for a living. If it’s not something to do with art, what a shame. Some of her attention to detail is stunning, and I appreciate it no matter who is in the video. That’s when I knew she was an artist — I could disregard that RA was the object. That’s saying something since it’s obviously very hard for me to disregard RA as the object. LOL! But seriously, she does show the glint on the glass.

I didn’t intend this post as a paean to Angela’s ability, but I’m running with it and she deserves it. So maybe I’m not rationalizing?

And since I’m talking about her work, here’s one of her little masterpieces (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN Robin Hood Season 3):