A Good Problem

So I started my new blog, but I have a problem. Actually, until this evening I’ve been looking at the issue I’m about to reveal as a problem. It seems that I can’t shift out of snark mode. That’s supposed to be a serious blog, but I’ve been at snark for so long, I keep straying into it. This evening I decided that a little snark over there is not going to be a bad thing. It is possible to be passionate and a smart ass? Or am I wrong that’s it’s possible to be taken seriously as a smart ass? Wait. Let me rephrase. Can you be a smart ass and be taken seriously?

How is this a good problem? I used to be so serious, I bored myself. Now I just want to write, and if that means a little bit smart ass, so be it.

A picture for your trouble:

Oh yeah, Ricky was a smart ass — especially in this scene.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com