I’m Here for the Bad Guy

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The teasing about ‘Captain America’ and specifically Heinz Kruger has begun at my house. My son will go see the movie with his friends because quite simply there is not much else to see, but when I mentioned seeing it, there were some guffaws from the family. SO asked, “and what will you do once Armbruster’s part is done? Will you actually stay for the rest of the movie?” Our daughter, who is also an RA fan, chimed in, “It’s Armitage, Dad. His name is Armitage, and I’m sure Mom and I will gut it up and stay for the rest of the movie. You know how she loves Tommy Lee Jones, and of course I’ll make the sacrifice of watching Chris Evans with his shirt off. :D” SO chuckled, “No, Tommy Lee may not do it this time. She’s there for the bad guy. And who’s Chris Evans?”

Yeah, who’s Chris Evans? :D

If that’s not a picture to fangirl over, I don’t know what is. LOL!

I also like Stanley Tucci, who’s playing Dr. Erskine but not a bad guy in this.

I understand he gets torched by Heinz Kruger.

Then there are other badasses to consider. Truman Capote?

Oh well, maybe Tommy Lee will make it worthwhile just because he looks like such a badass.

Some screencaps are from my stash, the top one I got from bccmee and the rest I’m not sure about.

And if you’re confused about RA’s part as Heinz Kruger, check out Musa’s post.