Can’t Hold Back

No Richard Armitage in this, but I am bursting with joy over what’s going on at the Frenz household. SO and I are beside ourselves. Son, who was able to get the first two years of his college paid for, is about to score a scholarship to pay for the last two years. He has three schools in particular competing to give him the most money, and they are strong in the subject that interests him, math. We talked about his options over the Christmas break and knew he was working on this, but we didn’t know how good it was going to be until one of the coaches called SO and I last night in an attempt to sway Son.

I cannot believe this is happening, but when I think about what this boy has done, it makes sense. He has busted his backside for years, and it’s paying off. He was a several time state winner and record holder in high school, has been an All American long distance runner at the college level for his first two years as well as being an Academic All-American due to keeping his GPA at 3.75 or better. If he can hold that GPA, he is going to be in the running for Phi Beta Kappa. Did I really just type Phi Beta Kappa?! And this was the boy who said he could not do as well as his older sisters. They do still have him beat on GPA (one has a 3.8 and one has a 3.9), but they have not had his obstacles with dyslexia nor taken on the kind of slavish athletic schedule he committed to back when he was a sophomore in high school. Oh, they have their successes as well, and sometime I may go off on another tangent and brag about them (in fact, count on it.), but today, I had to say something about my son.

Now for the best part. He’s still a sweethearted kid. He has always been sensitive to the underdog, and has never been haughty about his achievements. May he never lose that! And I give him the utmost respect for this because I know it hasn’t been easy in the face of all the adulation he’s received from peers, teachers, coaches, employers and frankly, the almost godlike treatment he’s received in our little town. Most everyone here has let him know on many, many occasions how great they think he is, and I’m proud of the fact he continues to see himself as just a person, ’cause he is. LOL! And when I go to bed at night and start reviewing what is going on with my children, I know the Lord let my son’s “disability” into his life for a good reason — to be the making of him.

The athlete at work:


This photo is from high school and was edited by bccmee (I really appreciate that), so it could be hung in the trophy case at school along with his stats and his shoes.