You All Are Great!

There have been so many lovely notes about the RAflash event. Thank you for that, and thank you to all who are participating! People are finding it very gratifying to write out their stories. Good! I hope that is a wonderful exercise for everyone. Who knows, we may get a blog or two out of this. :D

In the last few days I’ve received quite a few notes from people wanting to participate but unable to make the deadline. They have also sensed it would be gratifying. So here’s my response to them, screw the deadline. If you want to submit your Richard Armitage story, do it! Submission information is here.

And for those on the fence about it, you can publish anonymously to the RAFlash site, or you can publish to the RAflash site and link your blog. Some blogs are not a good fit for these pieces, so just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you have to publish there. You’re welcome to publish directly to RAflash. Also, if you have already written your story elsewhere, it can be linked from the RAflash site, or you can put an update on it and link the previous article or just republish. It doesn’t matter. It’s your choice. Just remember the point is for us to share our stories of what we’ve seen that’s moved us with some particular emphasis on what moved us initially.

There will be many more posts coming today and probably tomorrow and more thank yous on Monday to those who have helped pull this off, but for now I wanted to acknowledge readers and writers and possible writers.

And if someone slips in a post or two about the Pinter/Proust reading, I’ll probably give that priority. But the order of these posts for the most part doesn’t really matter. They are timely thoughts others can read and feel a good about what they see as well no matter when they read.

Speaking of feeling good, I would have loved to have seen this live!

Richard Armitage - Swann
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