The Changing Taylor Swift Effect

Yep, I’m going to talk about Taylor Swift again. I like her. More about that here if you’re so inclined to find out why.

For years now, this thing called the Taylor Swift Effect, has had many of the rest of us who aren’t teen girls, running for cover when it happens. But with her latest mega hit, it’s changing. No more crying it seems, but empowerment for everyone even if they’re not a teen girl:

Okay, so yeah, maybe this guy would make some teen girls cry by watching this video. I just laughed and thought, “You go, guy!” And really, how many of you have done this? C’mon, I know there are a few out there.

Segue: you know Richard Armitage does this; lip sync that is. Wouldn’t you love to have that video!

Taylor Swift Finally Pulled Me In

Taylor Swift and her eyebrowsFor a few years now, I’ve groaned when I heard a Taylor Swift song. I have a 14 year old, and she and her friends like Taylor and have played her a lot. Since she isn’t my usual taste, I didn’t give her a fair shake. I had also read the Rolling Stone treatment of her a few years ago, and came away impressed with her business acumen but not inclined to listen to someone’s music who lived such a “white bread” existence.

But one of her latest hits became an anthem among teens and maybe some not so teen, and I started listening. Yep, it’s true teen angst has been her stock and trade, but not just to whine. She tries to encourage, and I’m learning to appreciate that about her. I tend to be a critic, but I would like to think I’m changing. I hope you watch this to the end. Love the end:

I’ve also thought about the fact she writes most of her songs and has been doing this for years, and with this change away from her country roots and given her youth, she will continue to experiment way beyond Shake It Off. The song seems like an announcement of just that. And I look forward to that, because eventually it’s going to be something like a fine wine.

This one features a favorite of many in this fandom: