Some Days I’m More Perfect Than Others

Sometimes I’m just on, and I can’t be stopped. If I ever let you meet SO, you can ask him if I’m telling you the truth. He has sometimes referred to me as “hell on wheels,” and he means that in a good way — I think. My eyes really are blue, er, I mean green.*

But today, I’m not on, or I would have had the perfect picture before I posted my last entry. HOW COULD I NOT THINK OF THIS PICTURE?!! Before you scroll down to see it, let me just say that I’m rethinking this Union Jack thing. When I look at this picture immediately below, it makes me think of all kinds of possibilities:

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and that’s why I’m miffed at myself for not thinking of the perfect picture in the last post. Of course, RA would be perfect as Union Jack. Look at the legs on that Union Jack guy, and then of course, we know RA can pull off the “fabric.

The Perfect Picture:

A couple more perfect pictures if you’re not convinced:

The last one is so you can see how good he looks in a mask.

Screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageNet and my stash.

*major, major bs in this post. This comment is for the action fans. ;-)

Not Done With Sean

Do I ever watch just one video? Oh, hell no, and why should I have to stop? There are too many that are great, and since you’ve read the title of this blog, it must be obvious I’m going to say something about Sean’s videos being great. Yes, they’re great.

I really like the shot of the ocean (or whatever large body of water that’s supposed to be) in ‘Where’s the Donka?’ LOL! Oh, sorry I wasn’t laughing at the video. I was laughing with it, and it really is great, but the name is hilarious. That might just become the name at my house. I hate the remote, and Donka sounds like the perfect name.

I also love the jellyfish, or whatever those things are, in ‘The Mast.’ This is really saying something since I cringe at the sight of jelly fish; might be due to an up close and very personal encounter with one. The music to that video is perfect. It sounds kind of laid back but edgy, slightly energetic but menacing. Yep, that describes a jellyfish.

But the video that really has me fired up (and keeps this post from being labeled a tangent) is the ‘London Film Premiere’ for Spiderman 3. Man, those guys can throw parties. But I think it’s an excuse for pole dancers to be invited and not look tacky (or whoever those women are supposed to be; Spiderman’s “helpers” I guess). How perfect that they had to use “string.” Okay, seriously, wouldn’t it be cool (yes, this is my first use of cool, so it’s not uncool yet) if RA ended up in Captain America as Union Jack or some equally cool (two’s the limit) looking character from The Invaders, and Sean got to work on the project?

Can you imagine what Sean could do with this:

These guys are in need of a serious makeover and Sean seems like just the guy to help. If RA isn’t in this movie, I hope Sean gets something out of it. I would love to see his work on this. Yes, I know he didn’t redraw the Spiderman character, but he helped make a neat looking effect.

I’m not really that keen on RA being in something like this, but the guy does talk about working a lot. I’ll bet he can’t sit still, and I’ll bet (this is my gut talking) that he hangs onto a penny — not stingy but frugal. For all of you gals who are looking for someone responsible, he might be your guy. ;-) Where was I? Oh, yeah, the guy talks about working a lot, so if he gets this, I’m glad for him. But really, it’s not my style, but hey, a few other things RA has done weren’t my style (North and South comes to mind), and I liked them anyway. Even if he doesn’t end up being part of this project, I hope the rumors go on long enough for me to get a few laughs on this blog. This is just too easy to laugh about (damned sentences that end in prepositions, but what am I going to do? Make a sentence like this: This is just too easy about which to laugh.)

By the way, I loved a lot of other things about Sean’s videos (yes, I watched all of them and some more than once, and I’m reflecting — seriously), but I won’t bore you with my thoughts. You can go watch them for yourself.

I need a picture of RA don’t I? Not sure which one would fit here.