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May was wasted on me, where writing is concerned. Experiences and work, on the other hand weren’t in short supply.

I find myself sitting on the couch again, the boobtube threatening to suck me in. You work, do something social and when you get home you are tired. Writing seems a daunting task. Weekend comes and you are faced with more social obligations, some of them in spectacular places, some of them too good to forget but too packed to remember in any detail. Yeah, May was a write-off but June can still be saved. Setting myself some writing projects is the name of the game. Break free from May, into June.

The first time I experience freedom was when I asked if my mom would give me a lift to my friend’s house and she replied with a casual, “Take your bike.” I suddenly realised I could go places on my own. Of course there were limits, don’t go across the main roads and stuff like that. Naturally I still had to let them know where I was going, but I was free.

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I hope you read all of this piece.

And I hope the author doesn’t feel compelled to thank me for posting. I don’t need that. I just like the writing and hope he keeps at it. That’s thanks enough.

I Made It to R

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]

Obviously, April’s Blogging A to Z is over for the year, and I made it further than I ever have. Kind of fitting I ended on R. I did have other posts ready for the remaining letters, but as I said in my last post, I got busy. Those were such good letters too! I’ll have to use them at some point in the near future. Maybe the next post. :D

As for that photo above, I’m not sure I can officially use it. I haven’t read the rules that closely. If I can’t, they can ask me to remove it, and I will. But in the meantime, my reflection of the event is that there were a few communications that could have been done better (but no biggie). Mostly, it was fun to be held to the challenge; however, the best part was discovering new writers and maybe rediscovering some I already knew. Speaking of which, if you haven’t checked out the series on the Philippines done by Morrighan’s Muse, it’s definitely worth looking at. And I’m still in love with this blog even if the author may think I’m a complete nutter. This dude has something, and I hope he keeps cranking it out.