A Little Housekeeping

If you have been reading this week, you can see that I’ve changed things up a bit. Hopefully, it’s not too cluttered and easier to find things.

If you feel that I missed some places to get a fix, let me know, or if someone should be on or off the addict list, let me know.

Thank you for bearing with the changes, and thank you for reading.

Yours truly,
RA Addict


  1. looking really neat’n’tidy – I can never get my blogs in order.. too much of a messy, me :D

  2. Thanks. I’ll probably keep messing with it until I like it, and who knows when that will be. :D

  3. I’m impressed with you people who fiddle with the blog formats. I just always use the preset ones. Too lazy. I love how this one looks.

  4. Thanks. I just hope I know when to leave it alone. LOL!

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