Diary of an RA Fan – Part 2 I Am Determined to Prove a Villain

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Entry — a few years ago minus a couple of days:

I’ve really been enjoying the P&P videos on YouTube, and I hate to admit I like the P&P 2005 videos better than the ones of 1995. I DID NOT like the 2005 version of the movie. Oh, it had beautiful cinematography and music, and I thought Mr. Darcy was divine (love him as Tom in Spooks), but the script sucks. Sucks a big one. How can anyone really tell what the story is about?! Then there’s Kiera Knightley whose Lizzie IS NOT Lizzie. This movie is just a bunch of beautiful images strung together to some good music — an extended fan video? Well, that’s the format that suits it best, and I really love the fan videos, but the movie does suck. I guess I’ve become a purist about my one period drama. Who woulda thunk.

Oh, and I saw some fan video recommendations for that mini-series Mimi loaned me. Haven’t watched any of them ’cause it just looks dumb, and the guy’s ears are pointy and his head is kind of weird. My shallowness is reaching new levels of meanness, but hey, this isn’t for broadcast, so what does it matter.

I am curious though why there are SO MANY videos of this show and especially the “station scene.” Maybe I’ll break down and watch a little bit to see what all the fuss is about. Probably going to be disappointed like I usually am. I really need to do something with that DVD and get it back to Mimi. She keeps asking for it, so I need to do something!

Diary Part 3 here.


  1. LOL!!! Never noticed the ears, surprised you didn’t gripe about the nose!! :)

  2. Kiera Knightley is such a waste of space, IMO. The best thing about the DVD to me was Joe Wright’s lively commentary. But I don’t get how directors can sing her praises. Lizzie was NOT Lizzie, I so TA.
    Is everyone else taking crazy pills?

    I did not buy the movie and that says it all, IMO.

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