So I’ve been sharing these diary entries in an attempt to show how someone descends into this madness, and I’m only just beginning. I have never spent as much time on something frivolous as I have this fangirling (is that a word?) over Richard Armitage. But of course I’m doing this as a public service, so that the rest of you don’t feel like such nuts. ;-)

I promise to throw in more media even if it’s something you’ve seen a thousand times. Can we look at these pictures enough?

I said I love his jawline, and this is where it started, and if you don’t know which picture is under the link, then you’re not really a fan of RA. LOL!

A few more for your pleasure:


Yes, I flipped that one.





Screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.ComCom, RobinHood2006.com and my own stash.


  1. I am enjoying your blog – found it via Nat’s blog! I’ve added you to favourites!
    So glad I have a support group to deal with this “fangurl” affliction…of course you have just proven yourself to be an enabler with the screen caps of RA’s jawline! *swoon*
    I love shoulders…hint hint hint….

  2. Me enable? Absolutely. :D

  3. […] the best “shoulder” pic I could come up with (great jawline pic too; check out others here). Oh, there are others, but I thought I would just run the best one out there first. At least the […]

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