Diary of an RA Fan — Part 3 Glorious Summer!

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Entry — a few years ago minus several more days:

Watching the first episode of North and South. The musical score is great. Must get the cd. The guy with the pointy ears shows up quite a few scenes into it, and this is not going to be staid stuff like other period dramas I’ve seen where the characters barely move even their faces unless it’s to overact. This has some knuckles. Yea! But what a contrived scene to create angst between him and his so obvious love interest, Miss Hale. And Miss Hale, I don’t know if I can ever like her. Pretty haughty and stiff. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. So I still don’t get the fascination with this show. I”ll have to finish at least this episode to have some understanding.

Several minutes later:


About four hours later:

What just happened? I hate period dramas. Don’t I? I can’t believe it; I love another one. I’m shaking my head because now I adore the fan videos. It’s scary how much I adore them. How old am I? Never mind. Have to watch North and South again to make I sure I didn’t dream some of it. But one thing I’m sure of is I’m so sorry I thought Richard Armitage (yep, that’s his name) had pointy ears and a weird head. I love his ears and his head and his nose and especially his jawline and probably pretty much everything else of him I saw.

But it’s the voice. I was taken with it from the moment he said, “I believe your daughter and I have already met.” It makes me catch my breath it’s so beautiful. It’s like a perfect piece of music. Must put North and South on my iPod, and if I could figure out how to get some of those fan videos on my iPod, I’d be set.

RichardArmitage_ John_ Thornton_North_South

Oh, and Margaret totally redeemed herself. I love how she saved Mr. Thornton! And yes, he saved her too. So much to think about! But he needed someone to really believe in him besides momma. It’s all good now, and I really did feel for Margaret when her parents died but not enough to like her if she rejected Mr. Thornton. Thankfully, she wasn’t that stupid.

I need to slap myself and put this DVD away, so I can get something done. But then I have to give it back to Mimi! I don’t suppose I could find it on the discount table at WalMart. They usually have lots of obscure stuff with bad looking covers. No, they never have anything that’s worth a flip. Good thing I’ve kept up my Amazon Prime Membership. I can have this baby here overnight for hardly anything. Amazon will freak; this is the first video/DVD I’ve ever ordered from them.

See Diary Part 4 here.


  1. LOL! This is the experience so many of my students described this term–planning to watch one episode and then getting sucked in. My TA also is fascinated by the jawline.

    Loving this rehash.

  2. I think there should be a warning on the DVD case: DO NOT start watching unless you have a four hour window.

    Glad you like the rehash. I’ll try to give it some depth at some point, but for now, I need to indulge my fangurl. LOL!

  3. While reading the previous post I had a knowing grin on my face, been there done exactly that! I totally loved this period drama, not really expecting it to overlap my love for P&P.

    I loved the story, the characters, the performances and of course the soundtrack. I was impressed by both RA and DDA, though I really focused on him after watching some of his interviews and RH, but that’s another story…

    So off to the next post :)

  4. LOL, true. Even when rewatching it, I say I’ll only watch a little bit but end up sitting in front of the screen for 4 hours! *sigh*

  5. OMG! There are more people like me…

  6. Yep, it’s a common malady. ;-)

  7. I’m sure by now you have figured out the iPod thing! Fantastic soundtrack too!
    Yep that line, that voice, that accent (certain accents are so sexy, I remember a boycrush ages ago just for his accent!) did me on too!
    His looks no stumbling blocks either!

  8. I love the movie and I think Richard is a fine human being.

  9. Enjoying his conversion from “pointy eared guy” to the divine Richard :)

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