The Unlikely Duo

At least in my opinion. I would have never put Guy of Gisborne and Britney together. Huh? But it works! Britney is one of my guilty pleasures. Apparently, along with RA. I think it’s because they’re both earthy and so am I.

For your pleasure, and yes, there is a bit of SNARFU (Strict Norms of Aspect Ratio Fouled Up; that’s how I think of it) in some of these and maybe a few other technical difficulties as well, but I don’t care — well, mostly I don’t care. I love ’em. See what you’ve done to me, Elvira?! I love these, but I still think about that stuff. LOL!

This one below is hilarious. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched, and I still laugh at the part about the ring.

Gotta love Principessa55.

Stay tuned for further odd pairings that I love, and you probably will too. :D


  1. I find the discussion of aspect ratio significant enough to note whenever I post something with a skewed aspect ratio, and I understand the tendency to let one’s pet peeves accelerate, but I have to say if I were making vids myself I don’t think I’d worry about it as much as has been suggested is necessary. I confess that at the beginning of watching video over the internet I was disturbed the various distortions (in broadcast, in resolution, etc.), but I don’t really notice anymore. It’s like my brain is editing along with the film.

  2. […] The Unlikely Duo […]

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