Pheromone or not to Pheromone

Someone wondered* if Richard Armitage could transmit his pheromones through the screen. I don’t know, but something’s going on. He is seriously sexy, and I’m not that bowled over by actors. I base my sexy scale on my significant other who is also seriously sexy and has been since the day I met him. My SO is so sexy at times that I have to mentally slap myself from the daze he can put me in, and I would think it was just a number done on my head alone, but there are other women who have felt the same. Thankfully he’s faithful. If he weren’t, I might beat him with a really big stick. LOL! But I mention my SO to make it clear I have some traffic with the seriously sexy. I know what it looks like, and Richard Armitage has it.

But I’m writing this diary, in part, to find out what exactly it is that he has. I have never fully figured it out with my SO, and maybe I shouldn’t. Sometimes I think I know what it means to be that sexy. Maybe it will become clear as I go along. It is a little comfort to know that other women find RA so sexy. As for me, I thought I had been hit with a two by four. I would love to know your reaction. Maybe I need to hear it!

While you’re thinking about it, notice that Romana55 on YouTube definitely received a few pheromones from RA and is so kind to share her reaction with us. Or maybe she couldn’t help herself. LOL!

*Click again after it loads in order to enlarge.


  1. Whew!!! (pours a bucket of cool water on self)
    Season 3 Gizzy is seriously the sexiest of all RA characters.
    I love Thornton and his cravat/sideburns… but nobody can compete with S3 Gizzy’s raw appeal and that bad boy draw. Can’t explain it.

  2. I remember when Season 3 was first advertised, and it seemed everyone was groaning at his new hairstyle and how terrible it looked. I loved it from the gitgo, and I noticed the tune changed pretty quickly after the show started. :D

  3. I’ve been thinking about this ever since I discovered RA… it’s not as if other actors/”normal humans’ haven’t occasionally caught my eye and mind over the years…
    I’m old enough to not fall for just any pretty face anymore (and fortunately RA is not ‘conventionally pretty” – something I consider rather.. boring ). It certainly was a combination of obvious physical attractions (no need to list them all but I’m a sucker for eyes, hands & arms..and thighs :D ) and intriguing personality . both the character’s and the actor’s…
    I sometimes just gaze at pictures for what seems to be an inadequately long time (can’t remember the last time any other person, male or female, had that effect on me)
    Surprisingly enough Mr. T is okay with it most of the time because I’m still able to make the distinction between RL and .. ‘star-gazing’ :D (he’s even enjoying the occasional Sunday morning breakfast-in-bed-with-RA sessions, particularly Spooks and VoD.. another convert?!?!)
    To me, the (sex) appeal is not mainly in the physical appearance (Mr. T and RA couldn’t be much more different if they tried) but in mind and soul..and in that regard I truly can’t complain. I happily ‘squee’ now and then.. and dream a little dream.. only to return to reality and my main man.
    Jayz… that’s rambling at 3.30am.. but I’m glad I got that out of my system :D

  4. That’s what this place is for — to get it out of your system. :D

    I have never fallen for “pretty faces,” so

  5. I hit submit too soon!

    …so I know it’s not just about the looks.

  6. That “someone” was me commenting on Servetus’s blog. He certainly has that undeniable something that keeps us hooked! And I too have a wonderful husband whom I am very attracted to, so WTF? Why is it that I can’t go a single day without looking at him, reading about him, definitely thinking about him, and lord him me, even blathering about him to anyone who might listen!
    I just wish I could understand it. So, at least we are all in this together…
    The RA fan support group.
    And, oh yes…I DO love that video! I am just starting Season 3 and the long hair is wonderful!

  7. hahahaha oops … correction..must have been a Freudian slip! It’s not “lord him me” but “lord help me!!”…Maybe I don’t really want help?!

  8. Thanks for reminding me who said that. I’ve wondered the same thing at times. LOL! He does have a powerful influence.

  9. Mr. Armitage is my favorite physical “type,” i.e., tall, pale, slender, and with a distinctive nose (the nose is really important to me, btw) and noticeable facial hair. But there are dozens of those actors with those general features who have never touched off a reaction of this intensity in me. And though I have had three significant partnerships in my life, none of those men have looked even remotely like Mr Armitage (or even been that close to my type–i.e., I definitely also find men o/s of my type attractive). I really can’t explain it. I think it’s something about his reserve, frankly. I watch and watch and watch to see him react to something and it’s the reaction that sends me emotionally over the top — even if it’s as little as the slight motion of an eyebrow.

  10. Do you think he’s very intelligent, or am I sounding really biased now? LOL!

  11. I wonder that if you work out / define what sexy is.. it stops being so. It’s the indescribable. It just is. Live with the mystery!

  12. God, I hope so.

  13. Me too. :D It would be a real bummer to find out he’s a clod.

    I guess I wonder because intelligence is a prerequisite for sexiness, or rather cleverness is the prerequisite, and I’m not sure someone can be clever without being intelligent.

  14. Yeah, intelligence (or its appearance) is essential for sexiness. Though there’s a famous proverb: si tacuisses philosophus mansisses, that suggests that silence can substitute in a pinch.

  15. Uh, yeah. ROFLOL!

  16. Oh he is definitely very intelligent. You can tell by his thoughtful responses in all his interviews. He also has a good sense of humour which is a type of intelligence that I find essential in any human being, but especially in someone I would be attracted to.
    One of the first things that impressed me about Richard Armitage as an actor was that even before he was picked for the role of John Thornton, he went out of his way to read the novel North and South. He knew then that he was made for the role because he had an historical affinity for it (being from the same area of the country and having had grandparents who worked in the mills) — It just felt right. It is no wonder that he nailed the part!
    However, the reason I believe he is such a marvelous actor is exactly because of his great intelligence! He is so able to become the part, he actually lives in that other person’s skin! it is why he can take even a mediocore part and make so much more of it, than even the writers had ever imagined! An actor who thinks! Who knew?

  17. I was stunned when I read that Mr. McFadyen didn’t read Pride and Prejudice before acting in the film of it. It would seem like basic preparation for a role. Then again as a history professor, I may have unreasonable expectations. I certainly read all the books I tell my students about in class!

  18. Sadlly, I think it’s actually quite unusual for an actor to read the book which the adaption is made from. Even Colin Firth admits to not reading books his movies are based on (in at least 2 interviews I’ve seen so far!)

  19. Oops. I almost said something that would nail my identity. This is getting tough.

    Some women near and dear to me told me about Matthew McFadyen never reading P&P. I hate that he didn’t read the book and then talked about not doing so. Whether he likes it or not, he’s a bit of a role model for some.

    I LOVE that Richard Armitage is actually a reader. Not someone who reads because they have to. I didn’t think he could get any sexier and then he had to talk about the books he loves and how he sees characters. (Pouring water over my head).

  20. Yeah, knowing some of his favorite authors has been a killer for me, too, insofar as I want to ask him questions about the books. There’s a deceptive quality to this, in that you think because you read the same thing as someone else that you share their perceptions, but it is OH so seductive. Based on what he’s said he’s read I want to ask him questions about other things he might have read, and so on.

  21. That’s the number one thing I want to ask him!

  22. You may be right, but the process is fun. :D

  23. When your parents give you Wuthering Heights as an eleventh birthday gift, they condemn you to a life-long fascination with the “anti-hero”- blame the parents. Mind you, don’t wish to meet Heathcliffe in real life….

    servetus, my husband was similar – tall, dark and acquiline. So there we go.

    Really not sure an actor (or actress, now a banned term) can hold attention long without a sense of the intellience and intelligent intuition behind the appearence.

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