And I Was Going to Take Mondays Off!!

But I can’t stand it; there’s too much to talk about, and this is the place for me to get it all out of my system. At least that was my original intent. Now? Oh, heck no!

Oh, God love him! Is he something else or what? Is he a bit of a writer and/or director in the making? Or maybe a lot of actors do this, and I’ve just never been aware of it? I don’t know, and really, I don’t care. This below is one reason I’ve got a thing for RA! I feast on this stuff. LOL!

Strike Back: Richard Armitage on John Porter

He’s an action hero, I suppose – But I’ve tried to make him as un-action hero like as possible because that’s an easy role to play and we’ve all seen the hero running out of a burning building carrying a child. I’ve tried to inject this character with something else that’s unique to his experience.

He’s SAS when the story starts and he has a wife and daughter. He’s been through the ranks and I’d describe him as a kind of killing machine who’s discovered quite a serious flaw whereby compassion kicks in and he allows his heart to rule his head. I think he has a conflict between operating within the theatre of war and then returning home to his family.

Preparing for the role…
I try to create a biography for every character I play. In the book, but not in the script, Porter has a problem with alcohol, so I’ve used that much earlier in his life. I wanted Porter’s father to be military, and this period of delinquency comes from Porter being absent when his father died. So his route into the military was to do with atonement for his father’s death and honouring his memory.

Read the rest here

More talk about this here. Definitely Ridiculous Squeeitude!!!

And I bow to tyme4t for totally calling it with her analysis of the trailers.

Screencap courtesy of Sky1


  1. I know whatcha mean about having “a thing for RA” – he’s just so much more that a gorgeous face, velvety voice, broad shouldered, 6’2″ tower of loveliness – and I haven’t even mentioned his eyes, his biceps or his chest!!! Oh he can sing and use a sword & shoot a gun too!

    OK….what was my point? oh yes, I devour any interviews with RA – print or tv or radio or commentaries – because when the interviewer/questions are good, we get to glimpse at the man behind the actor’s mask which is fascinating to me.

  2. I’ve been thinking lately w/r/t SB that we are being manipulated by the media. The sort of gradual trickle of information to warm us up and then keep the fire going has seemed particularly obvious.

  3. Oh, there’s no question we’re being manipulated. LOL! But then this ain’t my first time at the rodeo. :D

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