No, It’s Not Just You or Me Can Like Action Flicks Too

I thought I could rationalize! But it seems others are raising the bar.

“Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t see SB as the typical “action” movie – and no RA is not clouding my judgement. I haven’t read the book yet (on my list – gotta get through “The Pillars of the Earth” first) but I would be interested in watching SB even if RA was not in it – the politics, the moral dilemma, the facing one’s past are all interesting to me – and a few sexy scenes and the occasional kicking in of doors is good too! And when you think of it, many of these same themes appear in period dramas/books as well…
Maybe I’m just being fooled by the trailers – heaven knows that happens all the time – but I just wish I had a chance to see SB when it airs in the UK…now where did I put “Pillars”…”tyme4t’s comment on “What makes a bunch of prissy period drama lovers become action fans?”

I must keep up!

She makes some good points. Period dramas and action flicks do have something in common, and I can name it in one word: romance. It’s the romance that we all love. I’m including the men. It’s romantic to them for some guy to kick ass whether it be a foreign enemy or one at home. But it doesn’t really matter if the enemy is personified as long as some guy is conquering something including something in his past. I don’t care how macho or seemingly mild mannered the man is, they all seem to love this, and a lot of women love it too. I know I love to see someone overcome something or someone (bad guy or problem guy). Really love it when it’s a good guy making things right even if it’s not all tied up in a pretty package at the end. It’s usually better if it’s not all tied up in a pretty package.

But I think most of us also love a good chess game even if it’s not on the chess board. That is fascinating, and what tyme4t was probably getting at with politics, moral dilemmas, etc. There’s an air of romance about catching someone before they catch you and especially if you’re having to deal with your baggage while doing it. Actually, that’s only romantic in a book or a movie. In real life it can be a bitch to deal with baggage while you’re trying to do something significant. I think that’s one reason it’s romanticized in books ’cause maybe we can fantasize that it’s romantic when we’re going through it. I would venture to say that all those SAS are turned on by the same thing — the romance of what they’re doing, the romance of the chase, and there doesn’t always have to be a girl involved. When it’s not about country of course. Whatever the case, I don’t think it’s all about patriotism.

Just for grins I did a search on Chris Ryan and the word ‘romance’. I actually came up with something. He wrote a romance novel. LOL! It’s under the pseudonym Molly Jackson (isn’t Chris Ryan a pseudonym?). Maybe that’s old news for some of you, but I got a chuckle out of it. I don’t know if the book is was worth a flip. It didn’t seem to have many reviews. But something motivated him to write that book, and I don’t think it was money. He’s too well established in his genre to venture out just to make money. No, it was something else. Not sure anything he’s said publicly would shed light on the reason, but it would be interesting to know his reasons (more useless crap for me to remember). All I know right now is if Chris Ryan wrote a romance novel, it’s not a far stretch to imagine him watching some period dramas. Yep, he’s one of us. I’ll claim him. :D

After reading up on Chris Ryan, I feel like he’s a buddy. We share similar tastes in drama, and on a much lesser note, two of his creations have featured RA. So I have to put up his picture.


  1. If “Pillars..” is the Ken Follet book, it’s excellent – as is World Without End.

    As for action and drama, obviously haven’t seen SB yet. So judgement reserved there. In general, though, not much new under the sun. So, whether a writer is of the action, or the drama, or the historical fiction persuasion, themes and plots tend to
    be universal, and constantly re-interpreted in all genres.

  2. I just hope that tyme4t knows I’m just kidding. Although I do believe what I said about them both being romantic.

  3. Hmm. I’m not totally convinced, or rather, I think women will respond to the hurt/comfort themes and men to the kicking of *ss. I just hope lots of men see it!

  4. wow! What a bunch of talented analyses :) Sorry, I don’t have any deep insights to offer, but I appreciate everyone else’s thoughts and wanted to say so. I must say, this Strike Back show looks interesting to me, i like the combo of kick A** and hurt/comfort, and I think you’re onto something RAFrenzy with the observation of how romance can appeal to both men and women.

    I had to laugh at the fact that Chris Ryan used a woman’s name as a pseudonym to sell a romance novel. What a way we’ve come as women! once upon a time (actually, alot more recently than I’d like to admit) women had to sell their works as men just to get a publisher to read it…ah! How things come full circle :)

    BTW, I didn’t realize Chris Ryan did another project with RA. Which project was that?

  5. Ultimate Force was the other one.

  6. What?! You didn’t buy my rationalization for liking an action flick?! :D

  7. Well hello – my name is tyme4t and apparently I am a rationalizer! lol
    I’ve enjoyed reading the analyses of my comments and am amazed that I provoked such a discussion. Excellent point on the romance angle – may SB be filled with hurt/comfort & kicking down of doors!

    @fitzg – yes I am reading Ken Follett’s Pillars in anticipation of the mini-series due out this summer – that’s another production that I am trying to find out what Canadian channel will be airing it – let me know if you’ve heard anything

  8. […] -on the question of the attractions of action film, “I wanted to take this character, which reads as an action hero, and turn him into something else. The challenge is to make him appealing to people who don’t necessarily like this genre of film and television. Trying to mine something new from this and trying to put a human being inside this type of character is what attracted me to it.” Reference discussion on […]

  9. Will do, Tyme4t!

  10. tyme4t,

    This blog has to have a premise, and for now I’ve picked rationalizing. :D

    I do think sometimes we’re more affected by RA being in a show than perhaps we want to admit, but I do hear what you’re saying about politics, moral dilemmas, etc. I would probably be interested in the show no matter who was in it.

  11. Hi RAFrenzy – I just found out today that you’re linking to my blog and I just wanted to say THANKS! I LOVE everything I’ve read on here so far, and I can so relate…I always love meeting fellow RA fans who understand my obsession. :)

  12. :)

  13. hehe…you beat me to it! I was going to post the same quote from RA about SB not being a typical action movie!

  14. @RAFrenzy – I like being a premise! lol
    What I was trying to say (very poorly I now realize) that the movement of fans works both ways and that action fans may become prissy period fans (which is my case) as easily as the other way around. hmmmm – more rationalization methinks…

    I do not like science fiction at all – if RA ever got involved in a SciFi project I would be hard pressed to get excited ~ unless of course he was filming in my hometown and they needed extras and RA saw me and he shouted “She’s PERFECT” and pulled me out of the crowd and told me that I would be his alien love interest but because we come from two different worlds, he needs to fight for my freedom and rides up on a space motorcycle and drives off in to space where we live happily ever after and there are lots of kissing scenes…. um I think I just crossed over from rationalization to insanity…

  15. Definitely insane, Tymet4 – fun, isn’t it!

    On the subject of “turning a character into something else” (not a direct quote), that seems to be a hallmark of this actor….Funny comments on Spooks 7 dvd, about his habit of presenting the writers with his notes on every scene. To their great delight – ANOTHER NOTE!!!

  16. Welcome, Ruth! I read your blog, and I’m glad you’re enjoying reading this one. :D

  17. Insanity loves company…I maybe paraphrasing there!

  18. which one is Ruth’s??

  19. tyme4t – I’m at

  20. It’s Book Talk and More (second one on the addict list).

  21. agree with you on all this, tyme4t, except for me it would be a dealbreaker if we had to wear blue body paint.

  22. Thanks RAFrenzy! I never saw that one.

  23. Well, call me the shallow one of the bunch, but I plan on watching SB for the good ol’ RA eye candy! I hope I enjoy the storyline and other characters as well. After all, I probably wouldn’t have watched “The Impressionists” or the ending episodes of “Vicar of Dibley” had I not been hit by the RA bug with N&S and RH… and I love those shows… so there is definite hope for SB. Action flicks aren’t my faves, but I’m always willing to give them a try since I do like several.

  24. I’ve always appreciated your candor, Nat! :D

  25. @Nat: Not to worry; while the main premise of these blogs appears to be serious discussion and appreciation of an actor’s acting abilities, no-one seems immune to “eye candy”.

  26. Thanks – will be checking it out!

  27. Thanks!

  28. @Nat, yeah, the analysis could even be seen as covering the vital task at hand which is squeeing.

  29. Is there a word for ‘shared insanity’ – what was the word they used when Princess Diana died and everyone went crazy? Anyway I think that SB will be viewed or at least checked out by a certain type of male, perhaps not every male though! In the same way that some people will watch any period drama or any romcom. I have seen Strike Back (or at least the first two eps) and I think that Richard has managed to do what he set out to do – ie find something different in an action hero. I hope that what I saw in the first two episodes is developed further over the remaining ones and yes, into a second series! I need my John Porter fix now! Have you seen the report in The Stage that Richard is considering doing a play after Spooks filming finishes?

  30. I am so jealous of you!! LOL!

    Seriously, I’m jealous. :D

  31. […] like. It wasn’t that we couldn’t be moved there, as RAFrenzy noted several times (once here). She said something smart that I can’t put my mouse on but that’s been ringing in my […]

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