More PHWOAR! Still Indulging My FanGurl

Not sure how long I need to indulge my fangurl, but I hope you all can bear up while I’m at it. :D

A couple of years ago I was surfing around YouTube and discovered the little gem below. It’s another Romana55 video, and yes, it has some SNARFU*, but I don’t care, well, I guess I care some or I wouldn’t even mention that. Dang that Elvira. ;-) Anyway, I howled with laughter at this — when I wasn’t saying PHWOAR! (I hope Romana55 doesn’t hate me for my commentary on her vids. I really do love them!)

Seldom do I read comments on videos much less all of them. I did on this one and have been waiting at least a year and a half to talk about one of the commenters. Her name is Dana888dana. Have no clue who she is, but her comments are a must read.

Dana888dana OH – MY – GOSH! Where has this sexy piece of man been? Where have I been not to have known who he is? He just oozes charisma and sensuality especially with those bedroom eyes! What a pleasure it is to view this video; thanks for the joy ride! Zowee!

This above so completely nails how I felt when I first started watching RA and especially when I first started watching Robin Hood. Wow was my general feeling, but Zowee is better.

As if that comment isn’t just absolute perfection, she comes with this one, which sadly, I doubt any men will ever read, but oh, she is so right!

Dana888dana This is a perfect example of what true sexuality is–he is not the handsomest man I’ve ever seen but it is what he brings out from inside of him – that true catnip for women that we can’t resist! Men listen up! This is what women find sexy!!!!!!!! But I could never be married to someone as hot as him; too many women would want him. . . .

(emphasis mine)

Out of the park, Dana!!

*SNARFU=Strict Norms of Aspect Ratio Fouled Up (or something to that effect)


  1. Gggggaaahhhhhh…

    Once again RA has turned me into a puddle of goo. And that commenter is spot on! ;)

  2. Thanks so much for putting up that vid with the comment, just loved the comments! I always read at least some if not all of the comments on videos as they usually make me chuckle. I know Dana888dana certainly brought a smile to my face, and how right she is!

  3. We had a discussion in one of my classes about two weeks ago about Zola, The Ladies Paradise, a realist novel about the appearance of the first department store in Paris. The central narrative is about a shopgirl who marries a department store owner. The students got into a discussion about who was more powerful, the shopgirl or the store owner, in relationship to an ongoing theme in the course about how modernization changes people’s relationship choices in the West. The men kept insisting that women “held all the cards.” I couldn’t bring the women to say it directly, so I said, “you have no idea. I could give you a list of five simple things to do that will make 80% of women melt into a puddle at your feet, and they are not even hard” and half the women in the class applauded. Every male student who complains to me about women I tell to read any mainstream romance novel. Of course, none of them will. I think Mr. Armitage definitely taps into this need — often even in his worst characters (John Mulligan, for example, who is on some level really only miming love for Ellie).

  4. Can I get an AMEN and HALLELUJAH! How ’bout a “RIGHT ON SISTER”!

  5. Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
    But really — WHAT exactly is he doing? Other than looking out at us with his bedroom eyes…!?
    It’s the lyrics and delivery of the song here that really tell the story.
    That’s what I go for in a fanvid mostly — is the song choice more than the aspect ratio (although that is annoying). I guess my imagination just automatically “fixes” it.
    But the music (and for me — the lyrics) are what the fanvid is really all about.
    So thanks for posting that video. It certainly made my day…week…or MUCH longer than that!

  6. Just to focus on that video; I found it a bit odd. It appeared slightly distorted, broadening both face and body. Which was rather distracting.

  7. All of the above, LOL!!

  8. I agree the lyrics are important and more so, scenes that reflect those lyrics IHMO. There are a few vids as ‘fanfics’ because with the right scenes and lyrics you can actually tell another story.

    About this vid, I found it some time ago and just melt, it has him smiling like 4 times in a row and it was enough for having me become a puddle, then he ‘walks that walk’ (perfect description ;) and gives you those looks….PHWOAR indeed!
    Severtus was right, it doesn’t take much to make us melt *sigh*

    Have you seen EtherealSparkle’s Sir Guy I’m stired by you (I think it fits into PHWOAR category). HeathDances’s Womanizer vid on YT or crinklette’s I think I’m in love with you, they are pretty cool.

  9. It’s interesting how it’s so easy to please us yet men don’t get us? What’s up with that? Yeah, I know it ’cause they don’t really want to get us, well, not our psyche anyway.


    That’s the SNARFU I was talking about and which is a hot button for Elvira who runs RAFanvids. Now you can see what drives her bonkers. I understand it, but I don’t always let it ruin my enjoyment of a video. :D

  10. I’m totally immersed in western civ since 1500 at the moment b/c that’s what I am teaching, and so my answer comes from there, but fwiw:

    I would explain it this way: a lot of “what turns women to goo” is essentially performance (performing civility, kindness, romance, solicitude, affection, etc.). And yet the discourse of sincerity since the Enlightenment (JJ Rousseau, chief among others), which saw its highest realization in the “being real” of the 1960s, tells people that they should not perform but be themselves. This leads people (men and women) to believe that (a) they should only do things that reflect their “real” nature/state of mind, AND (b) to devote so much effort to cultivating their real selves and discovering what those selves are so that they can be sincere that they have a difficult time responding to others if that demands a response that can’t be linked to the narcissistic search for the real self. Part of what makes Mr. Armitage so attractive, I think, is the way in which his acting is so heavily linked into that of the people around them that contests this tendency in a very subtle way. bZirk noted this on my blog here with regard to Hermione Norris:

    What I think bZirk was noting is that Armitage’s performance of Lucas is considerate in a way that accentuates and spotlights Ros. When you see someone succeeding essentially by serving others, that’s very attractive.

    Sorry for the essay. I have more to say on this but will say it on the blog and link back here.

  11. Love the essay! Love your blog! It is also part of the inspiration for this blog. Hope you take that as a compliment. :D

    Thanks for the link. I’d read that blog entry and the comments before, and I would love to talk about it more. I have a diary entry that explores this a bit, but I would love to read your thoughts on it.

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