Is This a 60s Film Classic?

Okay, I’ve read way too many of these RA interviews. Now I’m nitpicking everything this guy says. Phew. Must get a life. But I had to ask myself that question when I read this article:

Spooks actor Richard Armitage is set to return to the theatre after a hiatus of almost a decade, with plans for the performer to appear in a new production of Restoration comedy The Rover.

Armitage, who started his career in theatre, made his last major appearance on stage in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2000/1 production of The Duchess of Malfi at the Barbican.

He subsequently took part in a rehearsed reading of a new play presented by the Operating Theatre Company in 2002, but has spent the last eight years focused on television.

Armitage is now hoping to make a return to the theatre and he told The Stage he was particularly keen to do some comedy, because his most recent roles have seen him appear in action-based TV dramas, such as Spooks and Robin Hood. His latest is the Sky One series Strike Back, which is based on Chris Ryan’s book.

Read the rest of the article here and read more about The Rover here.

If you don’t understand my question, then read the Vulpes Libris interview. Even if you don’t care about understanding my question, then just read that interview for a real treat.

Here’s my gratuitous picture of the day. I think it has a 60s look.

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  1. That’s super! Thank you for letting us know.

    This is really a serious actor on a journey. Constantly refreshing himself. Restoration comedy! Wonderful. Just sorry I don’t live over there.

  2. Yeah, I had the same question, so no need to feel like you’re developing a mania (unless we are both developing the same one). I figure that earlier plan must have fallen through–that is the only explanation–just like Charlie fell through.

  3. One one my favourite (and I’ve manically committed quite a few to memory) interviews because it allows us a look inside that beautiful head. To reveal an equally beautiful mind.
    From that and other interviews I’ve always thought he’d want to go back to theatre one day… and as much as I regret that I probabaly won’t be able to witness that performance, I’m chuffed that he considers taking some time off to do what he wants to do (instead of catering to the masses.. and taking jobs to pay the rent :D)
    Soon as there are definite details I’ll try and schedule my next trip to Blighty around them.
    As for 60s – more like a 90s remake of :D
    And I LOVE that pic :D

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