Diary of an RA Fan — Part 11 Guy’s Mojo

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Entry — almost two years ago:

Robin Hood Season 2 DVDs arrived today! Can’t wait to watch them. In the interim, I watched all of Season 1 again, and I cried again. What is my affinity for this character? Oh, yes, he’s sexy. Those faces he pulls and the way he stands and holds his head when he looks at Marian, and of course there’s his jawline. I did not know a jawline could be that sexy. But I’ve seen so many shows where an actor was sexy and wasn’t moved like this. No, this is something else because I don’t remember sexy ever making me cry.

A week later:

I still haven’t watched Season 2 yet. Season 1 keeps beckoning, and I keep running back to it. I’m having to watch it on the sly since the family has already seen it and thought it was okay, but nothing to rewatch. They would think I was an idiot for watching this lame show over and over. I’ll admit to watching a tv show more than once or twice, but this is getting ridiculous. Still haven’t topped my North and South viewings. Thank God! This might be because Robin Hood is a ridiculous show that doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up.

But there in the middle of it is Guy like a lost little boy begging for attention. Yes, the killing is unconscionable. How could it not be? It is by any definition, but anything that horrible always has me asking why. I can’t help seeking to understand why people do the things they do, and especially if there is a glimpse of humanity. Guy delivers from the beginning. From the first show, he begins to let us in just little bit on the boy who wants to be affirmed.

It begins when Robin presents himself as Lord of the Manor and Guy takes him to task for not respecting him in front of the “populace.” The scene isn’t much, but it’s the beginning of the puzzle that is Guy. Like a corner piece that gives just enough sense of the finished picture to prompt someone to put the entire thing together.

The vulnerable little boy really emerges when he comes to visit Marian and invites her to Locksley, his new Gisborne, his mojo. It’s painful to watch this scene.

But then in two sentences about a woman changing her name, the man reasserts himself. PHWOAR! There’s the real mojo! That is one sexy scene and no one is even close to removing their clothes. Okay, where was I?

The little boy alternating with the seriously sexy man makes my head spin. No wonder women are swooning over this character, and I guess I’m right there with them. Damn that Richard Armitage is something else!

See Diary Part 12 here.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com


  1. I just love reading these posts…reminds me of when I first got hooked on RH and the enigma that is Guy of Gisborne…

  2. Great post! Agree totally!

  3. A faceted actor indeed! Too many scenes in which Mr. A subtlely turned the viewer from appalled to pitying!

    Another that struck for me, was RH2, ep.11 The treasure of the Nation. Allan has saved Marian from the Nightwatchman identity. When Marian thanks Allan, the expression on Guy’s face – “always someone else, never me”.

  4. Good post. But at times I think Guy liked ridiculing and hurting the innocent. I suppose my family are just big babies because my parents, my siblings, my cousins, my nieces and nephews, and my children all adore the series and did not see anything lame about family shows. But then again we are fantasy fanatics as it helps us cope with this boring cruel world we reside in.

  5. Oh, Guy is definitely multi-faceted! I’m amazed that two years later I still find things to explore about him. He is terrible and heartbreaking and heroic and cowardly and appalling and of course sexy, and I could go on. I absolutely love that this character got to run the gamut on some things.

    @Ruth, I’m glad you like reading them because I’m having a ball writing them.

  6. He does that lean in, lower his voice thing a number of times throughout RH, and every time it’s so effective. It’s all about the dominance: the aggressive body language, the nose downturned toward her face/neck like a knife. Suddenly, it’s no longer, “Approve of me,” but “I could have you…if I wanted, but I’ll wait because I want you to want me more than I want to just take you right now.” See 1:13 the aborted wedding, 2.5 Ducking and Diving (“I’m honored. But told you – I was on business.”).

    Um, yeah. In that last ep, Marian says, “Punish me, but do not punish my father.” Nice word choice – punish – with all that oozing sexual dominance going on.

  7. Two of my favorite scenes! I think I’ve used the picture from the 2.5 ep at least three times on this blog. LOL!

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